About Juls

Who am I & what I am

Hello, This is Juls.
We create beautiful art, illustrations and figurines

What we do

In the day, we make AAA game art and at night when the sun sinks low and shadows loom tall this is what we do. Creeping out from the dark recesses when the moon is the brightest to doodle and dabble. Sculpting , painting, modeling, drawing and everything in between is what we do best. Hope you like what you see.

Our Skills

Digital Modeling

Hard and organic object modeling for pre-renders and in-game resolution models.

Traditional Sculpting

High detailed head and figurative sculpts for 1/4 , 1/6 scaled figurines.

Character Design

Creatures, monsters, superheros, and humanoid sci-fi characters.

Anatomical Charts

High resolution accurate anatomical charts of fantasy creatures, animals and humanoids

Digital Illustration

High resolution digital art. Fantasy, realistic and figurative art


I built pneumatic muscle driven exso skeletal suit. Yes, no kidding!

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Julian Khor
C.E.O of Juls founder

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Our Team

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