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About Me

juliankhorJULIAN KHOR, 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, Concept Artist, Painter,Sculptor,Builder, and Cook 🙂

Hello, my name is Julian Khor and I have been in the gaming industry for almost 16 years. I was fortunate enough to have worked for great companies like KOEI Japan for 4 years as their character lead artist, SoftWorld Taiwan,lead artist for 4 years and UBISOFT Singapore as the Senior Lead Artist/ Art Direction for close to 7 years.

I am very passionate in what I do especially anything art related. I absolutely love to create great art work, be it computer graphics or real physical items. My most interesting project that I have contributed to was an Exso-skeleton load carrier for Hong Wei Global. It was a prototype for the Singapore Civil Defense Force. It’s a suit that can be worn to help fire fighters carry casualty out of dangerous environment with ease. It’s a fully actuated air muscle suit with a carrying load capacity of 60 to 70kg. It was design and built by me and with the help of another colleague. It took us under 2 weeks to complete this prototype. I was the Art Director/engineer/builder/metal worker for this project 🙂 HongWei Global specializes in Virtual Simulations and Augmented Reality Technology and the occasional exso-skeleton suit building 🙂

For the last 1.5 years I discovered my other passion for sculpting. I have been sculpting almost daily ever since. I sculpt, mold and cast my own figure productions. I do sculpt a wide variety of subjects but my expert matter is in the human anatomical forms. I am often sought after by the teaching institutions like polytechnic and private schools in Singapore. I do wish to eventually make sculpting as part of my career choice someday.

When I still have some extra free time left, I taught myself how to write and program 3D graphic software’s. I am proud to mention I have written and selling numerous software’s for artist and for whom ever is interested in learning the human anatomical form and figure drawing.

Oh did I also mention I am a nice guy too?..and friendly and approachable and chatty. 🙂

Biggest influence in my art has to be the “Green-Man”, Simon Bisley, Simon Lee, Yu Li, Kojun, JC Hong just to name a few. You should know who they are or else I will be offended! :/.

If you appreciate my multi talented quirky skills or my occasional dry humor on your project, or someone just to cheer up your team and workplace 🙂 Contact Me.

Some Projects I’ve Contributed to:

Exso-Skeleton Suit – Hong Wei Global  (Art Director / Engineer / Metal Worker .. no kidding)

Ghost Recon Online – Ubisoft Singapore (Senior Lead Artist )

Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Ubisoft Paris (Senior Lead Artist )

Assasins Creed – Ubisoft (Senior Lead Artist )

Xenjo MMORPG – Softworld Taiwan ( Lead Artist )

Romance of The Three Kingdoms – KOEI Japan ( Lead Artist )

Dynasty Warriors – KOEI ( Lead Artist )

3D Virtual Figure Drawing Softwares Male/Female – ( Programmer)

3D Virtual Facial X-pression Studio – ( Programmer)

3D Virtual Human Anatomy Studio – ( Programmer)

3D Virtual Hand Studio – ( Programmer)

Farnese Hercules Ecorche Anatomical Figure – Frederic Delavier ( Sculptor)


3DS Max




My Hands ( well they are kinda soft too)